Welcome to LesbiVeggies

Your Go-to Vegan Restaurant in Audubon, NJ

LesbiVeggies is the best place to get locally sourced vegan food in Audubon, NJ, and the surrounding area. We specialize in meals that are carefully constructed to create the most optimal balance of nutrition and flavor, utilizing fresh fruits and vegetables, ethically sourced proteins, and other nutrient and vitamin-rich ingredients. Our staff is ready to serve up a variety of vegan ethnic cuisine options and fresh smoothies at our vegan restaurant. Our vegan boasts great-tasting and affordable vegan foods from brunch, vegan pasta, vegan tacos, andvegan pancakes. We pride ourselves in offering locally sourced vegan foods that are hearty, diverse, and delicious.When you fill your body with good, healthy food and start making better choices, your overall quality of life improves dramatically, so please come stop by at LesbiVeggies and enjoy delicious, healthy foods.

Reasons To Choose Us

  • Best of Philly 2021
  • Catering Offered
  • LGBTQ Owned
  • Plant Based Gluten Free

Locations Served

  • Audubon, NJ